Classic & Gourmet Roasts

Freshly Carved Roast Prime Rib
Gourmet Seafood Roast Platter


Your choice of any 2 of the following:
Chicken – Whole Boneless
Beef – Tender Rolled Blade
Pork – Boneless Leg with plenty of Crackle
Ham – Wood smoked with Orange & Apricot Glaze
Lamb – Boneless leg basted in rosemary & mint glaze (extra $1.00 per person)

 Choose any total of 4 sides from our classic range of salads or vegetables this includes 1 choice from the gourmet range and 2 Desserts from the classic range

Click here to see our Vegetable and Salad Choices | See our Dessert Choices

You have the option to add a 3rd meat choice for an extra $3.50 per person. If you choose this option you will be automatically upgraded to our Gourmet Range of Salads-Vegetables-Desserts.


Under 40 (Enquire about our drop off service $25.00 p/p + GST)
40-60 $27.00+GST
61-80 $25.50+GST
81-130+ $24.50+GST

(NB: Staff charges may apply, please enquire when booking)


Your choice of any 3 of following (30-40 guests 2 meat & 2 dessert choices)

Chicken – Boneless rolled Chicken seasoned with Apricot & Macadamia Nuts
Lamb – Boneless Leg of Lamb basted with Rosemary & Mint Glaze
Beef – Prime M.S.A Rib Fillet extra $3.50 p/p (due to the continuous rising in meat prices)
Beef – Slow roasted MSA rolled beef marinated in fresh herbs & mustard
Pork –  Loin of Pork with Apple & Sage & crackle
Ham – Wood smoked Ham with Honey & Orange Glaze
Salmon – Baked Atlantic Salmon Fillet with Hollandaise ( extra $1.00 p/p)
Barramundi –  Barramundi Fillet with Lemon Butter Sauce

Your choice of any 4 sides from the gourmet range of salads and Vegetables plus any  3 Desserts

Click here to see our Vegetable and Salad Choices | See our Dessert Choices


Under 30 (Enquire about our drop off service)
$30.00+GST per person

(NB: Staff charges may apply, please enquire when booking)

All of our buffet menu costs include; chef, wait staff, quality crockery, stainless steel cutlery, napkins, bread rolls, baked rosemary potatoes, gravy & condiments. Alternatively you can choose potato mash, potato bake or baked Idaho Potatoes with sour cream. ($1.00 p/p extra)

Large Bowl of Fruit Salad $70.00+ GST (feeds 40)
Cocktail Food 4 choices for $10+gst for 1 hr before mains (click here cocktail menu) if combined  with any Buffet menu, if time exceeds additional charges will apply
Add any other menu item (enquire for details)