Corporate Catering Article

Throw a Better Corporate Barbeque with Gold Coast and Brisbane Corporate Catering from Spits N Pieces

It’s a scene that virtually everyone has witnessed: the annual company barbeque where different employees are assigned food items to bring as the boss mans the grill and prepares a mound of hot dogs and burgers. The food is adequate and the party offers a nice chance for co-workers to spend some time together and get to know one another outside of work. In the long run, however, the barbeque probably won’t rank as a particularly memorable or unique evening for most people.

Do you want your company’s barbeques to stand apart from the countless similar events that other businesses are throwing every day? Do you want to show your employees true and genuine appreciation for all the hard work that they do each year? Do you want to give your team a more memorable summer night celebration?

At Spits N Pieces, we can help you make it happen.

Spits N Pieces: Corporate Caterers in Brisbane and Gold Coast

Founded in 1990, Spits N Pieces specialises in a variety of different catering services for a range of different events. From cocktail parties to wedding receptions, there is no event too small or too big for our team to cater successfully.

One of our specialities is corporate catering which we provide throughout the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. For your company barbeque we can offer two BBQ-centric menus. Instead of the store-bought burgers and lukewarm ‘dogs that usually make up the menu at these parties, our Aussie BBQ and Gourmet BBQ selections include sirloin steak, BBQ sausages, rissoles, chicken satays, marinated prawn skewers, Atlantic salmon, rib fillets, chicken breasts or thighs, lamb cutlets, or barramundi fillets. Hungry yet?

Each dish includes delicious restaurant-quality sauces, seasonings, or marinades and several of the dishes can be made on site for maximum freshness and tenderness. You can put together your own menu from the different dishes we offer in each of the BBQ packages. If you are looking for something more exotic for your party, then note that our company also specialises in full pig and lamb roasts to take your event to the next level.

Food Your Employees Will Remember

Why should you choose corporate caterers for your next company barbeque in Gold Coast or Brisbane? Quite simply, it’s a matter of presentation. There’s something about being served by a formal wait staff and seeing qualified chefs in full uniform carve a roast that will appeal to your employees and make them feel valued and, well, catered to! As for the food, at Spits N Pieces we are confident that our fresh, high quality meats will make the grade at any BBQ, corporate or not.

To learn more about Spits N Pieces including details about our specific BBQ menu items and our pricing structures, click here. If you have any additional questions or wish to book our corporate catering team for your upcoming Gold Coast or Brisbane barbeque, feel free to give us a call on 07 3833 4353.