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If you are arranging a holiday party for your friends, family members, employees, or acquaintances, Spits N Pieces can help.

How to Make Your Holiday Party Special with the Right Brisbane Caterers and the Perfect Music

Are you in the process of planning your next big Christmas party? Whether you are throwing a party for your family, your company, or your friends and neighbours, the holidays are surely the most festive time to get together for a big spirited event. The question is, how can you turn your holiday party into a memorable gathering for every guest in attendance? Read on for a few tips that can elevate your event to the holiday seasons highlight.

Four Ways to Take Your Holiday Party to the Next Level

  1. Hire the right caterer: Particularly if you are having your big Christmas bash at your house, you will have a lot of things to think about from getting the place decorated to figuring out where everyone can park their cars. Worrying about cooking dinner or appetisers for every guest on your list will add hours of extra preparation to your plate. Why not hire a catering company in Brisbane that specialises in holiday parties? At Spits N Pieces, we have a special menu that we designed with Christmas in mind. Our menu includes a turkey roast with cranberry sauce and gravy, baked rosemary potatoes, your choice of four salad or vegetable options, and even Christmas pudding served with custard. These dishes are enough to get anyone in the holiday spirit and you dont have to spend a moment cooking to enjoy them.
  2. Think about the music: Every holiday party needs a good playlist. It doesnt matter if you are renting out a venue for a huge party or having a few friends over at your house. The soundtrack will keep the party flowing and keep spirits high. Your playlist can and should include a few Christmas standards in your favourite versions or arrangements. Its also okay to break up the Christmas songs with other tunes. Remember that Christmas music is all over the radio starting at least a month before 25 December. In other words, by the time your party rolls around, your guests might be a little bit sick of hearing the same songs over and over. So break up the Christmas music with some of your other favourite songs and artists and make sure to keep the vibe upbeat and danceable!
  3. Dont forget the drinks: Hiring the right caterers in Brisbane will take care of the food side of the equation but remember that the drinks are almost as important as the food at a holiday party. If you are renting out a spot for the party, communicate with the venue to learn about their bar setup. If you are handling the party on your own, make sure there is plenty of beer and wine on hand—and eggnog, of course. Why not design a unique signature cocktail for the event?
  4. Think about gifts or souvenirs: One of the fun things about holiday parties is that you can drive home the theme with gifts or souvenirs. You can do something as simple as making sure everyone gets a goodie bag or you can go for something more meticulous and arrange a Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchange. Either way, gifts can really give your party that memorable Christmastime feel.

Get Help with Your Christmas Party from a Reliable Brisbane Caterer

If you are arranging a holiday party for your friends, family members, employees, or acquaintances, Spits N Pieces can help. Call our Brisbane caterers on 07 3833 4353 to learn more about our special Christmas menu and see what else we can do to help you pull off a truly fantastic event.