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Our motto is “Catering for All Budgets,” so we are always ready to work with your price range and the size of your guest list.

Looking for Caterers for a Themed Party in Gold Coast? Look No Further Than Spits N Pieces

Finding a caterer that specialises in weddings or corporate parties is easy. These types of events are the bread and butter of the catering businesses. You’ll find a wide selection of companies that offer (or at least claim to offer) capable catering support for a major traditional get-together.

However, if you are planning a party with a very specific theme you might have more difficulty finding a caterer whose abilities and level of experience mesh with your needs. Many Gold Coast caterers can pull together a Christmas party buffet but far fewer have catered parties for St Patricks Day or mastered the art of the Hawaiian luau. Who can you turn to when your themed party needs to be perfect?

Unusual Themes Are No Problem When Spits N Pieces is Your Gold Coast Catering Company

At Spits N Pieces, we are experienced in catering parties for a wide range of holidays and themes. St Patricks Day and Hawaiian parties are just the tip of the iceberg for the more exotic events that we can cater. We have also catered parties with traditional American themes, parties focused on classic British dishes, parties with medieval themes and costumes, parties celebrating Bastille Day, and parties to mark the Chinese New Year.

What do our menus for these types of events entail? Our website can certainly give you a sense of the quality and delectable appeal of some of our signature wedding fare, BBQ catering, seafood, and more. However, if you are interested in planning a party for a less widely recognised holiday or celebration, you should feel free to enquire about our catering service in Gold Coast. The team at Spits N Pieces is always up for a challenge and we are happy to create a menu to suit your requirements no matter how unusual your themed party might be.

Best of all, when you choose Spits N Pieces as your catering company in Gold Coast you get a menu to suit your budget. Our motto is “Catering for All Budgets,” so we are always ready to work with your price range and the size of your guest list to create a memorable and satisfying experience for all. If you have a small budget, you can rest assured that it wont impact the quality of your food or service. On the contrary, our food will still be just as fresh and our chefs and wait staff will still be just as professional as they would be if you were our highest paying client of the year.

Book Your Themed Party Today

If you are tired of the usual party themes and want to make a splash with something a bit more off the beaten path then Spits N Pieces wants to help. To see what type of menu we can create to suit your theme you can call us today on 07 3833 4353 to discuss your needs and options. We look forward to serving as your caterers in Gold Coast.